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Get that new string sound out of old strings

Do you remember when your bass strings were new and they had that nice zingy pop to them?  Do they sound a little dull now?  They don’t quite have their original clear sound anymore?  Well, no worries.  There is a

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Like a Lion (Tutorial Bass)

Good Day! Here is a bass tutorial for “Like a Lion” by Daniel Bashta.

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We’re excited to present our very first home made SAYWORSHIP tutorial.  We hope you enjoy it. In the coming days we will produce more tutorials of more songs and more instruments.  We’re very excited and we hope these can be

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Chords, Charts and Sheet Music

A lot of people often ask me where I find chords for songs we sing at church or where to find sheet music free of cost.  Here are some sites that I go to when I need to find music

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