20 Tips to make your rehearsals more exciting!

Keeping the ministry team motivated is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. If you are bored with your rehearsals your musicians probably are, too. This week I am sharing some tools to help keep rehearsals energized and fun for your ensemble and for you! These are techniques that continue to help me in church, professional, and studio settings. Do I fail at doing all these? Yes – on a regular basis. But having goals helps keep the standard high and rehearsals fresh.

  1. Be prepared. Know the score, the tempos, the lyrics, etc., backward and forward.
  2. Don’t just ‘go through’ the music – rehearse.
  3. Change seating arrangements occasionally.
  4. Rehearse in a different location than the regular rehearsal room.
  5. Hide prizes or coupons under chairs and announce at the end of rehearsal.
  6. Show a video or audio recording of a significant (and relevant) performance.
  7. Teach something with an object.
  8. Use visuals (blackboard, whiteboard, computer projection, etc.) often.
  9. Read a new or obscure piece of music that you may never perform.
  10. Once a month event – birthday recognition, attendance recognition, etc.

READ THE REST OF THE TIPS HERE:  http://www.discoverworship.com/blog/view/110/are-you-bored-with-your-rehearsals

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