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A lot of people often ask me where I find chords for songs we sing at church or where to find sheet music free of cost.  Here are some sites that I go to when I need to find music for my praise team.

  1. :  This one is great.  Fair warning though that these are chords uploaded by musicians and not by the artist, so they might not always be accurate.  But it does have various cool tools like a transposer and chord diagram charts for those tricky chord structures.
  2. :  This one has an extensive list of songs old and new.  Chords are pretty accurate on this site.
  3. Acordes y Partituras Cristianas : This is by far my favorite one.  It has original uploads of music books and sheet music resources in English and Spanish (mostly in Spanish).  The best part is that since they are original published works by artists you know they are accurate.  It is limited but it has grown into a large library of resources.

Well, I hope this has been helpful.  Leave a comment and let me know if it has.  I will post more resources soon.

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