A Few Recommendations (Part 1 of 3)

Hello readers. My name is Israel Doria and I will be posting helpful tips and techniques for the guitar about once a month. However, today I’m just going to give you some recommendations not all to do with your playing.

Speak to Your Audience
As guitar players, we are usually trying to excel; to find more difficult music and play faster licks. I strongly encourage you to continue pressing on and try to learn something new every day. But when you get up on the platform on Sunday, your motives need to be different. When you play for a congregation, you are their spiritual leader and like any leader, you must cater to their needs.

If your congregation wants Hillsong, play them some Hillsong. But if your congregation wants 20 year old Hallelujah Chorus songs then that’s what you need to play to lead them in worship. Later on you may try and ease them into the 21st century but you can never forget their needs.

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