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A Not-So-Joyful Noise

I come from a family of musicians. It’s a great way to grow up, but a problem we used to often encounter is we could not turn off that side of ourselves in church. Some of you know what I’m

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SC12 [PART 2]

Service Corps 2012 Team Announcement video part 2 The Salvation Army USA Western Territory Youth Department

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Note to Self: Sing

Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints, and give thanks to his holy name.  PSALM 30:4 Dear Self, You really should sing more. You should sing more than at gathered worship with the church. You should sing in

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30 Seconds

It’s Sunday morning. You step onto the stage and sit down at the piano or strap on your guitar. The songs you picked out earlier in the week have now been practiced well, the band is behind you tuning their

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Worship Tutorials

Looking to figure out how to play a specific song?  Do you need chord charts?  Maybe an instructional video might be helpful.  Check this site out for great tutorials and downloadable charts; all for free.  That’s right, I said FREE. WORSHIPTUTORIALS.COM

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Staying Healthy Emotionally and Spiritually

In Worship Ministry Effective worship ministry is a challenge that few people, other than worship leaders themselves, completely understand. Not only are most of us juggling family and career obligations while we lead our faith communities in praise each week,

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Graphics, Backgrounds & Video Loops

Here are some good sources for worship backgrounds, graphics and videos.  Enjoy! Creation Swap: New Life Church: Worship House Media: Free Worship Backgrounds: Christian Collages: Shift: Motion Worship: Share Faith: New Worship Media:

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Love Moves Slow

by Audrey Assad The slow burn of intimacy. Have you ever gone for months, or even years, without hearing God’s voice? I have. And I have seen dear, faithful friends and believers, other women who desire intimacy with God, do

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Breaking Out of the Worship Formula

Can you make authentic worship? Growing up in a small Baptist church helped me learn something at an early age: Our gatherings as the Church tend toward formula. There are lots of reasons for it. It’s easier. It’s comfortable. It’s

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Recruiting and Training New Members for Your Worship Team

Here are some guidelines I follow in recruiting new worship team members. The first six points apply to all worship team members and the last five points apply to worship team leaders. Choose people who have a heart of worship.

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